Friday, July 20, 2007

Missile launcher found in Jersey City

From CBS 2 News:
A Jersey City woman made a shocking discovery on her lawn this morning when she noticed a military rocket launcher lying in the grass.

Niranjana Besai was leaving her house, located at 88 Nelson Street, to go to work just after 8 this morning when she spotted the launcher on her front lawn. "I read it and it [said] 'missile,'" Besai told CBS 2 HD. "There was little 'missile' [writing] on it."

She immediately called police.

Sources tell CBS 2 HD that the device is the type used to shoot shoulder-fired rockets and is capable of taking down an aircraft.

What's more troubling, sources add, is that Besai's house is located along flight path for Newark Liberty International Airport.

Besai's neighbor, Joe Quinn, saw her pointing at the equipment from her front porch. When he walked over to see what the fuss was about, he was just as shocked to see the six-foot-long weapon.

"She's pointing that there's something in the front," he told CBS 2 HD. "I said, 'Let me come down and take a look,' and I saw a little soldier on it and I said, 'Whoa, that's a missile launcher or something!'"

Quinn says he originally thought the launcher was just a pipe, but after noticing the picture of the soldier, he realized it looked similar to a missile launcher he'd seen on television.

Jersey City Police removed the launcher, and the incident is now being investigated by the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the FBI.

Sources say Besai is not involved in the investigation as a suspect.

Jersey City Police could not confirm whether the device was actually operable.
Excuse my language, but that is some scary sh*t.

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Enough with selling the Turnpike already

We still can't understand why Governor Jon Corzine's administration thinks that increasing the state budget and paying for it by selling, leasing or securitizing toll roads like the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway is a better idea than just controlling state spending.

As we've said previously, controlling state spending is the only way to solve the state's financial problems.

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