Wednesday, September 07, 2005

$50 a Wedding

I find it interesting that the mayor of North Bergen can serve (i) as the mayor (a part-time, $15,000 a year job), (ii) as the school district's assistant superintendent (a full-time job paying him over $170,000 a year) and (iii) as a member of the New Jersey state Senate (a part-time job paying him $49,000 a year) and STILL have enough time to perform "from two to five weddings per week" (at $50 a pop -- for a total of between $5,200 and $13,000 a year).

See for yourself, from the Jersey Journal: 2 mayors perform enough weddings to list income

The sweet chime of wedding bells sounds more like "cha-ching!" to two Hudson County mayors.

North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco and Kearny Mayor Alberto Santos both claim performance of weddings as a source of revenue on their 2005 financial disclosure forms, meaning it was the source of at least $2,000 in income last year.

* * *

Both charge $50 per wedding and do occasional free ceremonies for friends and relatives, which means that both make between roughly $4,000 to $10,000 a year.

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