Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dirty campaigning, identity theft and Senator Schumer

If you haven't heard about the newest dirty trick from the Democrats, dubbed Chuckaquiddick by Hugh Hewitt, check out Michelle Malkin's latest column, The Democrats go Dumpster Diving, here. Michelle also discusses it in some detail on her website here, here and here.

The skinny is this: Staffers from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, chaired by New York Senator Chuck Schumer, obtained Maryland's Republican Lt. Gov. Michael Steele's credit report by using his Social Security number. Steele, who is considering a run next year for retiring Senator Paul Sarbanes's Senate seat, is outraged (as he should be) and has yet to receive an apology from the Committee or its Chairman. As Michelle Malkin notes, Senator Schumer has in the past been very vocal about identity theft. Unfortunately, he hasn't opened his mouth about this specific instance of it.

By the way, it is illegal under federal law to knowingly and willfully obtain a credit report under false pretenses. Federal law also provides for civil remedies for the consumer. Its also bad form and dirty politics to obtain one in hopes of finding something you can use against a campaign opponent.

Steele might consider moving to New Jersey, where Acting Governor Cody recently signed into law the nation's most progressive state identity theft legislation. Read about the new law here (free registration required).

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