Friday, September 16, 2005

More Voter Fraud . . . this time its New Jersey

The New Jersey GOP has requested that state Attorney General Peter Harvey investigate more than 4,700 instances of dead people casting votes in the November 2004 general election. That's not all:

Among their findings, the GOP said 4,397 people who are registered in two New Jersey counties appeared to vote twice in the 2004 general election; 6,572 people registered in both New Jersey and another state appear to have voted in both states last November; and 4,755 officially listed as "deceased" voted in the last election, along with 13,440 people supposedly dead who were still registered as of May 1.

Read the full story here.

Any guess as to the Attorney General's response? Lee Moore, spokesman for AG Harvey, said that "[t]his matter is going to be given due attention. . . . A determination will be made as to whether or not there are problems, and we're going to take the appropriate course of action."

Yeah right.

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