Friday, October 07, 2005

Harvey, Corzine, Katz & Codey

No, the title isn't the name of a new law firm. A new column by Asbury Park Press commentator Bob Ingle runs down a few of the more recent issues with New Jersey's Attorney General Peter Harvey. Read the full column here. The highlights on Harvey are as follows:

For more on Harvey's recent shortcomings, go here. None of this paints a pretty picture of General Harvey.

But that's not all! Ingle also discusses the recent endorsement of Corzine by a group of New Jersey ministers. Interestingly, at least two of the ministers received money from Corzine -- one received a $1 million donation and the other a $800,000 loan. Didn't Corzine's ex-girlfriend Karla Katz (you know, the head of the state's largest public employee union and recipient of almost $500,000 of Corzine's cash) endorse him sometime after she received her money?

Read the rest of the column. It has some other tid-bits about donations Corzine has made to schools and education groups (normally a good thing, but not so if your property taxes actually go up because of it) and how Codey is filling every empty position he can with his cronies.

I'm hoping that the Trenton Democrats are all sent packing in November.

Remember, register to vote by October 11, 2005 for the November general election.

More than anything, NJ needs an independent AG - which means that voters should elect the AG in a non-partisan election that is not runn concurrently with the gubernatorial race.

It's no coincidence that Chris Christi finds corruption every direction he turns and Harvey (or any other NJ AG) can't find it in his own office.

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