Friday, October 28, 2005

"New Jersey: We'll win you over."

New Jersey needs a new slogan. Or so says our dear acting governor. He isn't happy with the slogan crafted by a New York branding and image consultant (which the state paid $260,000 to): "New Jersey: We'll win you over." I tend to agree with him (and wonder if we can get some of that money back).

So, its up to us -- Acting Governor Codey would like to hear your slogan ideas (I don't think he'll be offering $260,000 for this one though). You can submit your thoughts here.

Check out Drew Sheneman's list of rejected slogans here.

One last note -- were there no New Jersey "branding and image consultants" worthy of taking a crack at crafting a slogan (and worthy of the $260,000 state payment)?

260,000 thats cheap! Hell its only 350,000 for a toliet for them. I wonder where these damn prices come from hmmmmm.
In the interest of saving the state some money, I suggest we try and salvage the existing slogan. Let's try changing it just slightly. I think it's the word "win" that's the problem, there's nothing wrong with the rest of it.

So, here's our $260,000 slogan, nearly perfect: "New Jersey: We'll ______ you over." Any thoughts?
like tumbler and tipsy days hopefully we will remain in high spirits. well, good day
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