Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Corzine: I am not a crook!

Jon Corzine as quoted in the Star-Ledger on October 30, 2005:

I'm not corrupt. The idea that it's bribery when I have every goddamn union endorsement in the state. It's not like any of these people think I'm a schmuck.
Well, we all know how Corzine got the endorsement of the state's largest public employee union -- the Communications Workers of America Local 1034 -- it was either the $470,000 in cash or the $125,000 Cartier necklace Senator Jon gave to his girlfriend, and union president, Carla Katz.

He's not corrupt though. He said so.

thought-provoking, mootable pv. just my thoughts, well anyways gl & be chipper is what i say
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