Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

The ex-Mrs. Corzine broke her silence yesterday because Senator Corzine "is giving an inaccurate portrayal of himself in his campaign for governor." She thinks that a Governor Corzine would let down the people of New Jersey like he let down her and his family. She also disclosed something that most people in New Jersey already knew -- Corzine made political deals with the state's Democratic bosses in order to get elected.

The New York Times was first to print it. Then it made it online. It continued today with an article in the Asbury Park Press. Now its hitting the airwaves.

I believe the context is important -- this is an ex-wife making a statement about her ex-husband who broke up their marriage by, among other things, having an affair. She may have an axe to grind. But she spent 33 years with this man, and was around when he decided to make all these back room deals to win his Senate seat, something that he has been accused of by other more impartial people. Thus, I think her comments deserve some credit.

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