Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The lighter side of the transit strike

Transit strike t-shirt anyone? Here is a list of some possible transit strike t-shirt slogans. Some of them aren't too great, but I'd be willing to buy these: "Ask me about MY last raise," "Dude, where's my train" and "Save the whales, eat the transit workers!" (hat tip BuzzMachine)

More t-shirt slogans here like "I Walked 150 Blocks And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt" and "I ♥ Communist Douchebags"

UPDATE: Some more Day 2 strike blogging by GOP and the City here and here. Suitably Flip blogs it here and lawhawk talks about it here. All good reads.

UPDATE 2: I just read this piece from the New York Daily News. It sounds like some other unions in New York conspired with the TWU to break the Taylor Law (New York's law forbidding public strikes). I'm not sure if conspiring to violate the Taylor Law is a crime, but I think Elliot Spitzer should look into it. We shouldn't hold our breath since Mr. Spitzer will be looking to the unions for support in his bid to be the next New York governor. Maybe the U.S. Attorney should look into it instead.

Mr. Reagan, Tear Down This Wall. :-)


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