Thursday, December 29, 2005

Peter Harvey is looking for work . . .

. . . and using New Jersey tax money to land himself a new gig. January 17, 2006 -- Peter Harvey's last day on the public payroll -- can't come soon enough. It seems that Mr. Harvey has used taxpayer money to print and mail a glossy "annual report" to law firms both in New Jersey and New York as well as Atlantic City casinos and law schools.

This from the New Jersey Lawyer (via PoliticsNJ):

The state’s attorney general is about to leave office. Instead of sending résumés to land his next job, New Jersey’s top law enforcement official, Peter C. Harvey, is mailing 4,000 copies of a glossy, 58-page color report to law firms, Atlantic City casinos, law schools, news organizations and scores of others statewide. The printing cost — $7,460. So far, 2,700 copies have been mailed at $2.44 apiece, or $6,500. While state law requires departments to file annual reports with the governor and legislature, many agencies seeking to save public money have switched to less-expensive black and white, have produced short reports, have cut back on the print quantity and have used the internet as their main distribution method. Harvey’s report covers two years and prominently features reprints of positive newspaper and magazine articles including one headlined, 'Keeping heads turning in Trenton.'"

More on the AG's "resume" here, including the fact that the last Republican Attorney General filed his report on plain white photocopy paper.

When Peter scores his new job, I hope he writes a check to the New Jersey treasury for its help in his search.

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