Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Girls of the Bada Bing: Let them smoke!

New Jersey's strippers had their tits and asses in an uproar today over the smoking ban that was passed by the State's legislature on Monday. When Governor Codey signs the bill into law on Sunday (just three days before he leaves office), smoking will cease to exist in bars and restaurants. The strippers think this will be bad for business:
"It's going to murder our business," said Dominique Hernandez, 24, who dances at a lounge in Florence. "A lot of people want to get off of work, have a drink and a smoke and watch some pretty girls. There's nothing wrong with that."

Don't get your g-string in a bind, Dominique. I'm willing to bet that business will be just as good even when your patrons have to smoke outside in between dances.

Hat tip: TheMalcontent

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