Thursday, January 05, 2006

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

Soon-to-be-Governor Corzine has another potentially cost-saving choice to make in the coming days -- whether to put his name up on every highway sign (park sign, construction sign, picture in the Turnpike rest stops, etc.) that currently has Acting Governor Codey's name on it. Although the cost is not astronomical, it is unnecessary. The governor's name on a sign promotes nothing more than name recognition. After $120 million in campaigns over the last 5 years, the one thing Mr. Corzine doesn't need help with is name recognition.

We appreciate that he has decided not to accept his $175,000 salary. Obviously he's entitled to it and deserves it. The fact that he can afford to live without it and has decided to do so due to the State's financial position should not go without thanks. Not wasting the state's (our) money on vanity plates for highway signs and rest stops should be a no-brainer.

Now I realize that Codey's name will have to be removed in any event and something will need to be put over the scratched out "McGreevy." But why not do what George Pataki did in New York eleven years ago when he took office? The New York DOT blocked out Mario Cuomo's name and put nothing up in its place. That is one Pataki example Corzine should have no problem following.

If you agree, shoot the Gov-to-be's transition office an email (or contact them here) and tell them how much we'd appreciate keeping that money for something more useful.

An excellent suggestion.
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