Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So far so good

He's Governor Corzine now. If you're interested, everything Inaugural can be found here. Just remeber Governor, you asked the be held accountable. Don't get mad when we do.

The Governor's girlfriend, Sharon Elghanayan, got to dance with Corzine, but only after he danced with his daughter.

Bob Menendez was sworn in this morning as a U.S. Senator and plans to get right down to business. Whatever Senator Bob . . . you may want to start thinking about November, since the polls for your re-election don't look so good. How pissed will he be if he loses the Senate race after giving up a very very very safe House seat?

On the way out of the governor's office, former-Governor-now-State-Senator-Codey granted a 68-year old convicted murder accomplice clemency. It was probably deserved.

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