Friday, January 27, 2006


Don't have the cab wait while you rob a bank:

A [North Bergen, New Jersey] man who allegedly took a cab to and from a holdup Wednesday at a Bank of American branch on 69th Street - robbing the bank while the cab waited - was arrested Thursday, authorities said.

The suspect, Eduardo Quevedo, 44, was being questioned by FBI agents in Newark who are investigating several armed robberies in New Jersey and New York during the past eight months, FBI spokesman Steve Siegel said.

After the robbery, the cabdriver, who did not know a crime had been committed, drove Quevedo to two pawnshops before dropping him off at his parents' house, according to a complaint filed by FBI Special Agent Carl M. Priddy.

During the ride home, the cabdriver told investigators, Quevedo said he was originally from Cuba, had served time in prison and was staying with his family, according to the complaint. The driver also overheard Quevedo on a cellphone say, "It's me, Quevedo."

More about the dumbass here.

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