Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fill'er up!

We have no problem pumping our own gas, but Governor Corzine's proposal to allow certain gas stations to adopt self serve -- something New Jersey hasn't had in over 50 years -- was just stupid.

It seems like many other people in New Jersey agreed:

In New Jersey, motorists who need to fill 'er up haven't pumped their own gas in 57 years. But in the face of soaring gas prices, Gov. Jon Corzine came up with a novel plan last month to try to ease the pain: allow self-service at some stations along the New Jersey Turnpike and see if prices dip. He believed prices could drop 5 to 7 cents a gallon.

Corzine retreated after about 1,400 e-mails and calls poured in from a mostly outraged public. Concern about other state issues paled in comparison. A proposal to raise the sales tax by one cent, for example, received about 200 responses from the public, says Brendan Gilfillan, a spokesman for the governor.

Although I'd glad to see the proposal die, I find it funny that Corzine gives in so easily. He claims he's willing to make "tough decisions," yet as soon as a large enough number of people disagree with him he gives up. So remember, if you want Corzine to change his mind, just send him and e-mail.

Its going to be a long four years of getting nothing done.

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