Friday, May 19, 2006

Smile, Jim

McGreevey hasn't has this much press since he resigned:
The official portrait of the nation's first openly gay governor will be hung at the New Jersey Statehouse in a private ceremony this summer, a spokesman for former Gov. James E. McGreevey said today.

The former governor and his partner, investment adviser Mark O'Donnell, plan to attend the unveiling, which will happen in July or August, McGreevey spokesman Jonathan Capehart told The Associated Press. The date will be set after the state budget is adopted on July 1, Capehart said.

A memoir by McGreevey, who stunned the nation when he proclaimed himself "a gay American'' in August 2004, is due in stores Sept. 19.

More on McGreevey and his partner (and McGreevey's trip to visit O'Donnell's parents) here.

We didn't like the guy as governor and we certainly didn't like his attempt to portray himself as a martyred gay man, but we're glad to see he's getting on with his life.

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