Thursday, June 01, 2006

Can you say "crackpot"?

We'll save our opinions on the Department of Homeland Security's formula for handing out anti-terror funding for later, but in reading comments to the Gothamist's post on the issue we came upon this crazy, unhinged alleged New Yorker who thinks Manhattan should go it alone in the world:

It's time for NYC to secede from this self-interested, anti-urban, unthinking country. The US of A-holes. Not only do we already give a lot more money in taxes than we get back, but then they shortchange us the money we need to protect ourselves. Watch what'll happen if there is another terrorist attack on NYC: people in Omaha, Louisville and everywhere else will hold candlelight vigils and say "We're all New Yorkers now," but then when money is apportioned for security, they'll want it all for themselves yet again. If we ask for our reasonable share, their internal John Rocker comes out and they wonder why they should bother to protect a city full of immigrants, queers, and liberals.

The mentality of this government and the people who elected it is perfectly summed up in a blog post I saw a few weeks ago that railed against people in NYC for saying it was "too soon" for United 93. These conservative jerks asserted that it was important to portray the heroism of the passengers on that flight because people "have forgotten about 9/11," and it called New Yorkers liberals and wimps. Meanwhile, we never have forgotten about 9/11. We live with it every damn day, because we were the ones who got attacked and who are in the biggest danger of getting attacked again. They're happy to use New York as a prop for their convention and their maudlin 9/11 tributes, but they don't live with the reality of that day's aftermath or the fear we all feel in the back of our minds every time we're on the subway or near Times Square or walking across one of the bridges.

Fuck this country. I'm proud to be a New Yorker, but not to be an American.

And as for Tightwad (you can always count on some malicious, ill-informed conservatives [that's redundant of course] commenting on Gothamist posts): the money isn't "for politicians." As the NYT article detailed, among other things, it's for police overtime for officers guarding all of the monuments and potential targets we do have. And that is needed. And as for the monument/icon thing, the entire island of Manhattan is an icon! How is that not obvious.

He wants "NYC" to secede, but we know he just means Manhattan (and probably only those portions below 92nd Street). Now, does Hillary Clinton want to be President of the United States or Queen of Manhattan? And is this the type of person Hillary (and Chuck) want on their side?

More: Another unhinged New York crackpot thinks President Bush deserves a "bullet between the eyes" (paraphrased). This one though isn't an anonymous blog commenter; instead he's statewide elected official Alan Hevesi. [Michelle Malkin]

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