Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Can't trust him with loose change

Governor Corzine attended a rally of state workers in Trenton yesterday. The rally was to show support for the Corzine budget and its billions in new taxes as well as whine and moan about the suggestion that state employees work a 40-hour week (instead of the very French-like 35 hours they work now), take less days off (they now get 15 paid sick days a year, 14 paid holidays, 3 paid personal days and up to 5 weeks -- or 25 work days -- of vacation, for a total of over ELEVEN weeks off a year) and actually pay for some of their benefits.

Corzine does not support the suggestion that the state's unionized work force should work less or see any reduction in their pay of benefits. In fact, as he shouted into the microphone at yesterday's rally, "I'll stand with you. I'll fight with you." We all know what that means -- the unions will win big next year when their contracts are renegotiated. Mr. Corzine, you need to realize that you sit on the "management" size of the collective bargaining table, not labor.

Be prepared for the store to be given away.

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