Monday, July 10, 2006

Bush v. New York Times -- Bush Winning

An Opinion Dynamics Corp. poll conducted for FOX News at the very end of June, after the New York Times revealed the Bush Administration's secret tracking of terrorist financing, shows that the American public is behind Bush on this one. Solidly behind him to boot.

My two conclusions:

One, the overall results of this poll did not surprise me. Overall I hold the American people in somewhat higher regard than liberal pols and the mainstream liberal media. I believe (for the most part) that they have some brains, can take care of themselves without a lot of help from the government and genuinely care about this country and the safety of their families and fellow citizens.

Two, there are some Democrats in this country that still get it. They still hate Bush and aren't so sure about Iraq, but they do understand that the Administration needs to do certain things in order to fight the War on Terror. I'm glad to see that we haven't lost them completely.


When I saw the title of your blog ("Bush v. New York Times") I was hoping you'd have a picture of George Bush wrestling (or boxing) a newspaper.

I was extremely disappointed.

Best Regards,
Rod Biscoe

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