Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Madonna's American flag flap?

I'm a Madonna fan. I admit it. Most of my formative years were during the 80's and I'm still a sucker for the stars who launched their careers back then.

So, I shelled out a lot of money to see her perform at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on July 16, 2006. Aside from the lack of air conditioning (it allegedly disrupts her voice) and the 90 degree heat inside by the end of the show, I thought it was a very good performance. She did a few old songs as well as some of her bigger hits over the last few years. It was better than the Re-Invention Tour and probably as good as the Drowned World Tour.

With that said, I arrived at Boardwalk Hall at about 8:45. The ticket said showtime was 8:00. Most concerts start late, so I figured that I would have just missed the beginning. I was a little surprised that she hadn't taken the stage, but happy that I didn't miss anything.

I made my way through the crowd and went to find my friends. As I walked past the back of Boardwalk Hall, I noticed a very large American flag (probably 20x30) clumped up in a pile on the floor. The flag had clearly been hanging on the back wall of the venue, held up by some sort of pully system, but was taken down and "stored" in a pile on the floor.

When I got to my seat, I mentioned it to my friends. They saw the same thing when they walked by to get to their seats. Although we joked about how Madonna probably forces venues to take everything off the wall if it doesn't have her name on it, the four of also remarked that it was pretty rude to have the flag in a pile on the floor. The lights dimmed and she took the stage a few minutes later, at about 8:55.

So why do I mention all this now, 3 days later? Well, the rumor floating around is that the reason Madonna was so late to take the stage was the American flag. She saw it hanging on the wall, as big as day directly across the Hall from the stage, and she demanded that it be removed before she started the performance (it may be that her "people" saw it and they forced the issue, but its a distinction without much of a difference). She got her way. The flag came down.

Now, I didn't see the flag come down, but I did see it in a big pile on the floor. I don't know if the rumor is true, but there is at least some supporting anecdotal evidence that the flag was removed from the wall in some haste.

The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get with her. Why couldn't the flag stay on the wall? Was it going to affect her performance? Does it offend her that much that she wouldn't be able to sing? Was she afraid that people would think she was pro-flag or, God forbid, pro-American? I fully support any person's right to disagree with how the country is run and disagree with the people who run it. What I don't understand is why those same people can't also simply be proud to be an American and why they find the American flag so offensive.

ok so i see 2 issues here.
one is that the flag was dumped in a pile on the floor. this is disrepectfull to a symbol of our country and should not have been handled in this way. the blame for that lies squarely on the concert hall management an staff. not madonna or any other performer.
the second issue and the only one we really need speculate about is "did madonna make them take the flag down" we will never know. and i for one could give a shit. i dont of course, but i could.
Well it's disrespectful for the flag to be on the floor, but she sure doesn't mind taking home that American money for her shows. Must be part of her "irony" thing that's been going on for 20+ years.
Madonna is an ungrateful bitch...And someone, ANYONE should have at least picked up the flag and shown some damn respect for their country!!!!
if the bitch doesn't like this country she can get the hell out, i for one could care less if she is even alive
i can see, that just like madonna, you like to create controversy. madonna comes on stage at 9 at every show so far.
Yeah, stars are notoriously on time when starting shows like these...

Hey, she doesn't live here anymore and I wouldn't be suprised if she is also now an English citizen.

I can perrsonally think of dozens onf reasons to not be proud of my American heritage.
1. Half the country voted for our current president twice now
2. Banning stem cell research
3. Worst education system around if your family isn't wealthy
4. Piece-o-crap medical system
5. Illegal wire tapping by the govt.
6. Putting people in jail for years without charging them

I could go on...
to anonymous 3:44pm...

1) you need to work on your proof reading. "perrsonally" & "dozens onf reasons"? bad spelling makes you look like an idiot.

2) you have no idea how good you have it in this country...
Also to Anon 3:44

Stem cell research is not banned...just not Gov't funded. Probably better...much less red tape and intervention. Does anyone think that drug companies and biotech will not fund this in the future?

Grow up...
I can do what I want!

I'm Mad Dog Donna!

The Flag had to come down! I can't sing about abortions (I've had 11. I use them as birth control.) or fake-masturbate while it hangs there reminding me of all the freedoms I have. I want to make people vote how I want them to and think ever little thing I say is important. I'm a self indulgant cunt who must be idolized because I'm an asshole. I ridicule people who pose in nudie mags, forgeting that I posed nude in the '80s.

Always remember what I said - "My pussy is a temple and everyone must worship it."

I am such a bag of cunt.
To: At 3:44 PM, Anonymous said...

1) And Gore and Kerry would be different ?
2) Not banned. Just not funded by the government, as someone else already pointed out.
3) You must be a product of said education system.
4) Can't blame the government on that. Maybe you should blame your hero, Hillary Clinton.
5) I guess you must talk to Al-Quada members all the time then? Or is it AIM them ?
6) Inside the USA or at a US military base in a foreign country ?

If you don't like it here, get the eff out, and don't let the door hit you on your arse.
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