Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Zulima exits

Good riddance. Although it seems that no crime was committed, the mere appearance of impropriety was enough to warrant New Jersey Attorney General Zulima Farber's resignation:
New Jersey Attorney General Zulima Farber resigned Tuesday, hours after a special prosecutor issued a scathing report saying she violated state ethics codes by showing up at a Fairview traffic stop involving her boyfriend.

At times defiant, Farber stood beside Governor Corzine at a news conference in Trenton and said she would leave office Aug. 31.

"I admit being human and making that error," she said. "And I apologize to all of New Jersey for my mistake."

Despite Governor Corzine's statement that Farber "has decided to do more [by resigning] than might ordinarily be required for a lapse in judgment and to make a larger, personal sacrifice for the greater good," clearly Farber didn't want to resign:
During a meeting with Corzine in Hoboken on Monday night, Farber argued that resignation was too severe a punishment, a source with knowledge of the discussion said Tuesday. Her position hardened at a private meeting Tuesday morning in Corzine's Newark office, the source said.

Farber then launched a mini-campaign to retain her post, according to three sources familiar with her efforts. "She wanted to stay in this job," said one. "She didn't want to resign."

Prominent Democrats grew increasingly frustrated as the day wore on.

"The Office of Attorney General cannot rebound from ethics violations with her at the helm," said state Sen. John Adler, D-Cherry Hill, chairman of the Judiciary Committee. "We need an attorney general who is above reproach."

Governor Corzine should take great care in his selection process for Farber's replacement.

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