Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Shame on them"

At a press conference outside the courthouse after their clients pleaded guilty to the arson that killed three people and injured (some seriously) 58 others, the attorneys for soon-to-be convicted felons Joseph T. LePore and Sean Ryan said their clients set the fire, but did not admit any responsibility for the deaths (of Aaron Karol, John Giunta and Frank Caltabilota, Jr.) and injuries caused by their "prank that got out of hand."

In fact, William DeMarco, Mr. LePore’s lawyer, said that it was Seton Hall University who was to blame because it failed to install sprinklers and had lax fire safety standards in Boland Hall, the dormitory LePore and Ryan set on fire. According to DeMarco: "The intervening cause was Seton Hall's lack of responsibility in monitoring Boland Hall. If they had fire suppression systems the fire never would have spread."

Hey, Mr. DeMarco, if your client didn't set the fire, the fire never would have spread.

Essex County Prosecutor Paula Dow's response when she heard that the defense attorneys were blaming Seton Hall instead of their clients: "Shame on them."

You can say that again, Paula.

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