Friday, January 26, 2007

More from the victims' families

"Sixteen months for three lives is not justice," said Michael Giunta, brother John Giunta, one of the victims of the fire set by Joseph LePore and Sean Ryan in Seton Hall University's Boland Hall on January 19, 2000. Ryan and LePore were sentences to 5 years in prison after pleading guilty to arson. They will be eligible for parole after just 16 months.

Frank Caltabilota, Jr.'s dad, shaking with anger as he spoke about his son who also died in the frie: "The two of you will have to live with what your stupid prank did for the rest of your lives." "Eventually your judgement day will come," he said, adding both defendants should rot in hell.

As for the injured, some badly, Alvaro Llanos was in the courtroom and a letter he wrote was read out loud:

He talked of waking up three months after the fire. The burns over 50 percent of his body. Of seeing his severaly scarred face for the first time. Of the more than 30 surgeries he has endured.

And finally, he told of the one question he's always wanted answered.

"Why? What was the reason for this fire?"

Alvaro, we hope you get your questioned answered someday.

Ad we agree that 16 months isn't enough. LePore and Ryan deserved a longer sentence for the crimes they committed, the lives they took and the people they injured.

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