Friday, February 23, 2007

A correct, but somewhat misleading headline?

As we poked around this morning, the following headline (the first on the site's "news stories" column) immediately jumped out at us: CORZINE NOMINATES REPUBLICAN CROOK FOR JUDGESHIP.

Our first reaction was "why the hell would the Governor appoint a felon to the bench?"

Then we cliked on the link, which brought us to an article containing the following information (emphasis ours):

Gov. Jon S. Corzine nominated Evan H.C. Crook of Mount Laurel on Thursday for a Superior Court judgeship in Burlington County.

Crook, 48, is the solicitor for the Burlington County Board of Freeholders. His law career since graduation from Rutgers University Law School in 1987 has focused on the public sector employment law, especially municipal and county government law.

Crook, a Republican, will fill a Republican vacancy on the Superior Court.

Although the new judge is in fact a Republican Crook, he's not a Republican crook. We're sorry that, in light of all the political corruption in New Jersey, we immediately thought he was an unsavory criminal.


That is a good one. :-)
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