Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A few Democrats get it

We sound like a broken record -- property tax credits does not equal property tax reform (and they don't equal property tax cuts either).

We're gald to see that a few Democrats understand that the watered down "credit" proposal doesn't solve anything.

But Sens. John Adler, D-Camden, and Nia Gill, D-Essex, questioned how the state would pay for the $2 billion credit program in the long run. A financial quirk gives the state government extra money to use for this year only. Adler and Gill both said the credit program, which will take the bite out of tax bills but not address root causes of high property taxes, falls short of true reform.

"If we were selling this tax package as a product, we would be in violation of the Consumer Fraud Act," Gill said. She later added, "In plain language: We do not have the money to pay for this."

Adler said the caps had been "gutted" and called for lawmakers to go back to the property tax reform drawing board, rather than pass watered-down bills and declare them "good enough."

"We should step back, take a breath, ask for a do-over," Adler said.

At the end of the day this bad bill will become a bad law.

But at least some Democrats understand that it won't solve anything.

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