Monday, February 19, 2007

NJ Democrats: Veterans and Memorial Day are meaningless

In an effort to curb property taxes by cutting the number of State mandates on New Jersey public schools, Assemblywoman (and Chairwoman of the New Jersey Democratic Party) Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Mercer) and State Senator John Adler (D-Camden) proposed a bill that would have would have eliminated the requirement that schools teach about Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Seriously. We're not joking. They really did it. And it passed both houses of the Legislature.

Thankfully Governor Corzine conditionally vetoed the bill and the two days were added back in to the costly government mandates.

Can someone please explain to us how teaching students about Memorial Day and Veterans day is a cost burden on the public school system?

We don't suppose cutting Veterans Day and Memorial Day from the paid holiday list for state workers would go over quite so well either. But think of the cost savings there!
What a way to remember our veterans and pay respect to the memories of those who have died fighting for and protecting this country.
Really quite pathetic.

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