Friday, March 09, 2007

Belmar goes keg tracking

Notice to those under 21: Don't have your booze source get you a keg:
Beer kegs sold in the borough would be tagged and their whereabouts tracked under a new borough ordinance expected to be introduced at Wednesday's Borough Council meeting.

The ordinance, which is intended to curb the use of such kegs at underage drinking parties, also would make it illegal for anyone in Belmar to possess a non-tagged keg, said Police Chief Jack Hill.

Under the measure, Hill said, liquor store owners would be required to keep a ledger of all customers who rent kegs.

The names in the ledger would be linked to a serial number affixed to a keg. In the event a keg was recovered at an underage drinking party, authorities would be able to trace it to its source and thus the individual legally responsible for it, Hill said.

What is it, the equivalent of 100 cases of beer fit in a keg?

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I wonder if the borough will see the rise in the number of party pigs bought. That's what we always bought in my youth.
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