Monday, March 05, 2007

A question for Chris Campos

Hoboken City Councilman Christopher Campos was arrested for DWI in New York City recently. After being pulled over by the New York City Highway Patrol on the West Side Highway, and after Campos identified himself as a member of the City Council, Officer Liotta placed a "courtesy call" (a/k/a a "get out of jail" call) to the Hoboken Police Department and asked Hoboken Police Sgt. James Peck if Campos should spend the rest of the night "as a guest of the city."

Peck, although digressing slightly by mentioning to Liotta that the Hoboken Police have been working without a contract for two years, did the right thing and told Liotta that he should "do your duty" and enforce the law.

Today Campos was asked if he requested Liotta to make the courtesy call and categorically denied doing so.

Our question for Councilman Campos is if you didn't request the call, and were not seeking any special treatment, then why did you identify yourself as a member of the Hoboken City Council when pulled over?

And our question for the City of Hoboken: Why do members of the City Council carry badges?

Feel free to e-mail us directly at with your answer.

3/6/07 Update: The Jersey Journal has an article today about Campos's arrest and the now infamous phone call to the Hoboken Police Department. We're still waiting for answers to our questions.

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