Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So Carla, what was your LSAT score?

Although we've been busy, we've been tracking the latest on the Jon Crozine / Carla Katz financial fiasco. One of the more interesting things we've seen is the review that Newark Archbishop John J. Myers, who is also chairman of Seton Hall University's governing board, has ordered into the "presidential" scholarship given to Katz to attend the University's law school.

Why was a review ordered? Well, it seems that Corzine has donated $630,000 to the school over the past 8 years. And he wrote Katz a letter of recommendation for admission to the law school.

We're happy to see that Corzine is supporting Seton Hall, but it does seem odd to us that Katz received a significant scholarship (about half of the $30,000 annual tuition) from the school while she was the Governor's girlfriend, while he was donating so much money to the University and while he was recommending her for admission.

So the question is, did Dean Patrick Hobbs do Carla (and the future Governor) a favor by greasing some scholarship wheels? We guess we'll find out when the review is complete.

In any event, whether the scholarship is proper or not, we're not quite sure what basis Corzine had to recommend her for admission to the law school. Such letters usually come from former professors, employers, etc. Not boyfriends.

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