Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bloomberg on Corzine

We agree with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on this one:

"Let's hope Gov. Corzine recovers and gets back to work," said Bloomberg. "But it is a wake-up call for all of us to make sure you put on the seat belt."

Taking his own advice, the mayor said he had two stickers affixed to the backs of his two front seats reminding passengers to buckle up.

Bloomberg added that cops and firefighters, who must get someplace in a hurry to "make a difference," need to speed and use lights and sirens.

But elected officials almost never need them, he said.

"I don't think [using lights and sirens] for an elected official who wants to get someplace for a photo op is appropriate," Bloomberg said.

Corzine didn't need to be travelling 91 miles per hour with his emergency lights flashing and sirens blaring in order to get to the Governor's Mansion to see Don Imus. Just wasn't necessary.


Here is a more complete Bloomberg quote (we are still trying to locate a link to the full quote):
"I don't think an elected official that wants to get to someplace for a photo op is appropriate. Legislators having lights and sirens I think is totally inappropriate because there's no reason they would ever have to go to someplace. They can say, "Oh it's my district I have to be there." They aren't going to save lives. They're not first responders. I have a rule with the detectives that drive the car that I use, no lights and sirens unless you check with me and only then if it is a really big."

And Mike isn't kidding -- he ordered sirens and lights removed from cars belonging to 250 city officials in 2004, after one of his deputy mayors was repeatedly caught on camera in her official sedan, flashing its lights and blaring its siren to get home quickly from work.

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