Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Political games = neglect and abuse

Prior to yesterday's veto by President Bush (who used a very special pen to do so) of a bill that would have funded troops in Iraq but would also have mandated a troop withdrawl on a timetable set by the Democratic Congressional leadership (not the Commander-in-Chief or the members of the military) we were reading an article in the March 5, 2007 U.S. News & World Report entitled "Disrespecting the Nation's Warror Elite."

The article concerned the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and noted that the public outrcy after these conditions were exposed "shows that there is also considerable wrath among ordinary Americans when they feel their soldiers are being neglected and abused."

After reading the quote, we immediately thought "shouldn't ordinary Americans be angry that the Congressional Democrats are holding up much-needed money for the troops in Iraq in order to play a political game?"

We think the answer is yes.

Why? Because political games involving troop funding is neglect and abuse.

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