Saturday, March 01, 2008

NJ to drivers: no mor txtz!

Starting today in New Jersey, driving while talking on your cell phone without a handsfree device, texting or sending an e-mail from your Blackberry is a "primary offense." That means a police officer no longer needs another reason to pull you over.

And it's a $100 ticket. Unless, of course, you use it in a plea agreement:
The offense carries a $250 surcharge but only if a driver pleads guilty to it as part of a plea agreement. A driver who is ticketed for a cell phone violation does will not have to pay a surcharge, but a driver who is ticketed for a more serious offense such as careless driving and pleads down to a cell phone offense does pay the surcharge.
Was the change in the law really meant for safety or is it another way to shake down New Jersey drivers for more cash?

And tomorrow the tolls at the Port Authority bridges and tunnels go from $6 to $8.

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