Sunday, September 14, 2008

NJ Democrats caught with their hands in the public kitty. Again.

The Chairman of the Bergen County Democratic Organization ("BCDO") and the BCDO's counsel were indicted this week.  The Indictment charged that in December 2001 Dennis Oury and Joseph Ferrieros conceived of a plan to form a company called Governmental Grants Consulting that would be paid by Bergen County municipalities -- particularly Bergenfield -- to assist these municipalities in obtaining state and local grant monies.  According to the Indictment, Ferriero indicated that Governmental Grants would be successful because he could use his "influence" to help the municipalities "get a better result."  Throughout the entire time, Oury and Ferriero took steps to conceal their ownership interest and roles in Governmental Grants and prevent their undisclosed conflicts of interest from coming to light.

By late in 2002, Bergen County awarded Bergenfield $800,000 in grant money for the estate and the state Green Acres program awarded Bergenfield a $600,000 grant and loan package. Based on the successful grant applications, Bergenfield issued a check for $128,625 to Governmental Grants, representing its “Consulting Grant Fulfillment Fees.” Oury thereafter received a check in the amount of $25,016.97, and Ferriero a check for $27,538.04.

They both face significant jail time if convicted.

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