Friday, December 30, 2005

"This is New Jersey"

As you may know by now, New Jersey is seeking a new slogan. "New Jersey and You, Perfect Together" has been retired. So have all those annoying commericals that Jim McGreevy made on the taxpayer's dime. Acting Governor Codey has taken up the challenge to update the state's slogan. After rejecting "New Jersey: We'll Win You Over," (for which New Jersey taxpayers paid $260,000), Codey opened it up to the public to submit ideas for the slogan. His office has chosen the finalists (read about that here) and a vote to choose the winner is currently taking place. I have not voted for any of the finalist. I don't think any of them are particularly good.

Instead, I offer my own idea. I won't pretend to think its original (although I've copyrighted it, so no stealing!), and it may have been one that was rejected. It may have even been done before. But I think its pretty good. Its simple. It involves real New Jersey people and shows the best parts of our state. If you agree with me and think my idea is better than the slogan finalists, send an e-mail to Governor Codey and tell him so (feel free to include a link to this post). If you disagree, that's fine too. Feel free to leave a comment telling me my idea sucks.

So here goes:

"This is New Jersey."

Yup, that's it. Its simple, I know. But why can't simple be good? Anyway, READ ON!

Here is how I would use it in TV ads: Open the ad with a voiceover (not the governor -- sorry Corzine, I'm sure you're a nice guy and all . . . but enough with politicians in commericals -- you aren't one of New Jersey's best selling points) that says something like, "Do you know what New Jersey is?"

Then move to a picture of two people sitting on the beach in Belmar (or Cape May, or Ocean Grove or Bay Head or anywhere) and have them say "This is New Jersey." Cut to someone at a roulette table in Atlantic City and have them say "This is New Jersey." Then on to the first car of a roller coaster at Great Adeventure (Six Flags for you out of state folks) and as its about to go down a big hill, they scream "This is New Jersey." Someone hiking in High Point, "This is New Jersey." Someone walking on the Seaside boardwalk "This is New Jersey." Someone at Monmouth Race Track, "This is New Jersey." Someone at a Giants (or Jets or Devils) game, "This is New Jersey." Someone at the symphony (whispering) "This is New Jersey." And so on. Highlight each place in New Jersey that should be highlighted. It can be broken up into several 30-second spots. It should use real people from New Jersey -- not hired hands. Maybe even put their names and the town they are from at the bottom. End with another voiceover of "Come see what New Jersey is for yourself" or something else similar (and maybe less cheesy).

For print ads it can be the same thing, obviously with still shots. For newspapers of magazines, one or two frames. For a nice New Jersey vacation brochure, it can have still shots of everything in the commercial and descriptions of each.

It can even be used for business promotion. Educational promotion. Pretty much anything printed by the state. For example, in brochures given to businesses being wooed into the state -- "This is New Jersey" and then list the benefits of doing business here, the transportation benefits, the education benefits, the great places to live for your employees and all the statistics and demographics about the state and its people you can find.

Anyway, so that's my proposal. Don't try to convince people to come here with a bad slogan. Keep it simple. Convince people to come by showing them what New Jersey IS! It may not be the best idea, but its better than "New Jersey: The Real Deal."

Remember, if you like my idea . . . tell the Governor! And Mr. Corzine, I'm available to head up the project. Oh, and if you are interested in some New Jersey slogan apparel, Enlighten-New Jersey has the link that you need.

Great idea!
This is New Jersey:

3.full of illegals

I still like mine better: New Jersey: we're too dumb to pump gas.
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