Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gifts all around

First is was about $500,000 to his ex-girlfriend (and president of the state's largest public employee union), then it was $100,000 to his former employees on his campaign and in his Senate office (which we agree with Enlighten NJ, there seems to be nothing improper there) and now its $5000 in bail money to Karen Golding, a former lobbyist who Corzine bailed out in February after she was arrested and charged with stalking Assemblyman Joseph Cryan, D-Union, chairman of the Democratic State Committee.

Somewhat interesting that this came out today, after the Star-Ledger did a lengthy piece on Golding, Cryan and the ridiculous amount of resources to capture this criminal in the act this past Sunday. The story can be found here (until May 28).

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