Monday, May 22, 2006

I don't think he means Barnes & Noble

For those interested (we're still debating whether we actually are), the reading public got a taste of what's to come in Jim McGreevey's memoir due out in September.

According to excerpts of the book, "The Confession," published Sunday in The Star-Ledger, McGreevey engaged in secret, anonymous sexual encounters at rest stops on the Garden State Parkway as well as adult bookstores because he feared having a relationship with a man would ruin his chances of success as a politician. In McGreevey's words:

"So, instead, I settled for the detached anonymity of bookstores and rest stops -- a compromise, but one that was wholly unfulfilling and morally unsatisfactory."

There is no mention whether such trysts continued after he took office as governor as well as no mention of the affair McGreevey had with Golan Cipel (which ended up forcing McGreevey to resign from office), no mention of his two marriages and certainly no mention of his new relationship with Mark O'Donnell.

I'm sure there are some more tawdry details to come!

Update: McGreevey's father, Jack McGreevey, statement made the day after excerpts from the book were released: "The kid's doing what he feels is right . . . It's a courageous act on his part. Perhaps a bit foolish, but still . . ."

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