Thursday, March 15, 2007

Questions for Hoboken

A reader in Hoboken pointed us to this interview with Hoboken City Councilman Chris Campos and remarked that maybe the blogger and Campos were buddies given that there wasn't a tough question asked. We read it and it does seem like a bit of a softball game.

As the Hoboken City Council elections approach, we would like to conduct interviews with each of the candidates and post the answers to their questions here on The NJ Blog. However, rather than have us come up with the questions to ask the candidates, we think our readers should submit their questions to us and we'll compile the interview. If you have a question you would like asked, please email us at If there is a specific candidate(s) that the question is geared toward (i.e., Chris Campos, Fourth Ward, etc.) let us know that. If we get a good response, we'll try to contact the candidates and get answers.

Speaking of questions, we're still waiting to hear back from Chris Campos about the questions we asked him in this post. We'll make it slightly easier, make the question a little more general and open it up to all members of the Hoboken City Council to answer. Here goes:

What legitimate purpose is there for members of the Hobken City Council to carry badges?

We're looking for an answer because a lot of us are skeptical of the practice and see no reason for the badges -- besides getting out of tickets. We're reserving judgment, however, until we hear from you.

Again, we can be reached at

March 20, 2007 Update: (or lack thereof)

It's been 5 days and not a peep from any member of the Hoboken City Council. We figure at least some of them have seen this post, given that reader JG copied us on an e-mail he sent to members of the City Council that contained a link here. So why no response? We can only guess it's because there is no good answer to our question.

In any event, JG provided the following e-mail addresses for members of the City Council, all of which he tells us are available on the Internet. Feel free to e-mail them with a link to this post. Maybe we'll get an answer.

Rubin Ramos:,
Mike Russo: and
Chris Campos: and
Michael Cricco:,
Nino Giacchi:,
Theresa Castellano:
Peter Cammarano: and

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